Uninvited candidate interrupts mayoral debate on live TV

Tulsa mayoral candidate Paul Tay will not "step off," calls out "Matt Damon.

Don't be telling me local politics are boring. Last week in Oklahoma, things got heated during a mayoral candidate debate in Tulsa when an uninvited candidate crashed the proceedings on live television.

On Wednesday night, perennial Tulsa mayoral candidate Paul Tay interrupted a live public television broadcast debate between incumbent Dewey Bartlett and challenger G.T. Bynum at Rogers State University. As closing statements were about to begin, Tay stepped in front of TV cameras, introduced himself as also a candidate and said that "other voices" were being silenced. He was then asked to step off the stage.

"I will not step off. I WILL NOT STEP OFF!" he said. "You have blocked me one too many times. You have blocked me. You have blocked other candidates one too many times. I'm tired of it."

The outburst quickly devolved into an unintentional comedy sketch featuring an Asian man in a cowboy hat, the mayor calling 911 on his cell phone and, um, Matt Damon, sort of, entering the fray.

Here's the video:

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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