She thought the robber’s gun was fake. It wasn’t.

Fearless Virginia restaurant owner fights off armed robber with her bare hands.

A badass Virginia restaurant owner fearlessly wrestled a gun out of the hands of a would-be robber because she thought the firearm was fake. She realized later that it was very real — after it went it off in her hand.

Caught on camera: Business owner fights back with robbery suspect

Last week, an armed robber walked into Crazy Wings in Norfolk and pointed a gun at Keqiu Wang, demanding she open the cash register. Wang, who owns the restaurant with her husband, wasn't having it with this punk-ass robber and his fake-ass firearm. She fought back.

Surveillance camera footage shows Wang struggling with the hooded robber, grabbing his gun by the barrel and refusing to let go. The two wrestled behind the counter until Wang's husband came out of the kitchen with a huge knife and slashed the would-be robber in the back, chasing him off.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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