Congressional candidate wants to ‘Make America White Again’

Rick Tyler is running for Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District.

At least you know where he's coming from. In Tennessee, a congressional candidate has put his own spin on Donald Trump's inane campaign slogan with campaign sign that reads "Make America White Again."

'Make America White Again': A politician's billboard ignites uproar

Rick Tyler, an independent candidate in the race for Tennessee's 3rd congressional district, put up the billboard off Highway 411 in Polk County, prompting a wave a criticism. It has since been taken down.

Tyler claims he has no hatred in his heart for "people of color," and believes that American should go back to a "1960s, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver time when there were no break-ins; no violent crime; no mass immigration." So he's citing fictional TV programs while yearning for an era that never actually existed.

In a Facebook post, Tyler elaborates, explaining that "It was an America where doors were left unlocked, violent crime was a mere fraction of today's rate of occurrence, there were no car jackings, home invasions, Islamic Mosques or radical Jihadist sleeper cells." He actually calls it "Norman Rockwell America."

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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