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“Ghost In The Shell” Producer Explains Why The Film’s Approach Is “The Right Approach”: “I don’t think anybody’s going to be disappointed,” Ghost in the Shell producer Steven Paul told BuzzFeed News after months of backlash against the film’s controversial casting. Well, what else is he gonna say?

* * *
The Immigrant’s Fate Is Everyone’s: “My America opens its arms to the world rather than sells the world its arms. My America has a capacious hunger and the humility to wonder if it is right. My America speaks many languages and knows when to hold its tongue. But I know that another America exists, a more fearful and dangerous one. If that America wins, then we and the world lose.”

* * *
All the Greedy Young Abigail Fishers and Me: Years ago, Jia Tolentino helped Houston’s rich white students write their college admissions essays. She shares her experiences as related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on “Becky with the Bad Grades v. University of Texas.”

* * *
The Reluctant Memoirist: Investigative journalist Suki Kim, author of Without You, There Is No Us: My Time With the Sons of North Korea’s Elite, returned from an undercover mission in North Korea only to face her critics after her reporting was mis-labeled and mis-marketed as a memoir.

* * *

Photos of Bruce Lee and the Early Martial Arts Culture of San Francisco Bay: The new book Striking Distance: Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in America chronicles the formative days of a young (pre-Hollywood) Bruce Lee as he navigates the heated martial arts proving ground of the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1960s.

* * *
Dear BET Awards, Why Did You Think It Was OK To Appropriate Asian Culture? “Will Asian-Americans, as evident through the exoticized, cultural appropriation of Asian culture, continue to be told that our concerns are ‘overblown’ while we watch our cultures and peoples be treated as bizarre, foreign stage props to be gawked at?”

* * *
For Indian Americans, hate finally has a name: Trump: The hate that Sanjay Kumar’s dad felt on his road trip to the Mobile, Alabama in 1979 hasn’t really gone away. It now has a name: Trump.

* * *
My Job Interview with Stephen Colbert Was a Total Fucking Trainwreck: “I think my mom gave me the temperament to aggressively pursue jobs I had no business applying for. When she first came to the US, she had a string of jobs from which she’d get fired within two weeks. It didn’t bother her. She couldn’t believe they paid her anyway.”

* * *

Learn To Make Korean Food With A Charming Graphic Cookbook: Robin Ha’s new graphic cookbook Cook Korean! uses brightly colored illustrations to break down the processes of making Korean food.

* * *
Chop Suey Nation: A road trip uncovers the lives behind small-town Chinese-Canadian food: From Victoria to Fogo Island and in every province in between, Ann Hui drives across the country to uncover the immigrant history — and vibrant present — of small-town Chinese-Canadian food.

* * *
Sriracha Is a Quintessentially American Flavor: “Let the rooster into your life.”

* * *
8 Question Interview w/ Sahra Vang Nguyen: An interview with filmmaker/writer/entrepreneur Sahra Vang Nguyen, who is on a mission to explore stories at the intersection of diversity, culture, and human potential.



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