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Legacy Kid: Kai Williams carries the weight of her great-grandmother and civil rights activist Yuri Kochiyama’s legacy in the midst of the Black Lives Matter student protests.

* * *
I’m Not Here for the Asian Americans Who Won’t Get Behind #BlackLivesMatter: “Do we choose a society where the lives of Black and Brown people — including Black and Brown Asian Americans — has value? Or, do we continue to uphold a system that places no value in the lives of non-White people, including our own; and wherein only some can place their trust in our law enforcement?”

* * *
Open letter to Chinese American moms #blacklivesmatter: “It is time for Chinese American mothers to take charge of our destiny and protect our families. We possess too much power and personal vision to sit this one out.”

* * *
We Were All Trini: Searching for Asian American Mirrors in SF/F: “I am part of multiple badass Asian Girl Gangs and when I look at their beautiful, fierce faces, I finally see mine reflected back at me.”

* * *
The Subversive New Generation of Asian American Writers: Writers Jenny Zhang and Tansi Nandini Islam talk to The Vice Reader about families, politics, and the cringes that come when your story is workshopped by a room of white writers.

* * *
Yes, Mr. Takei, Sulu is Gay and Here’s Why You Should Be Embracing That: YOMYOMF respectfully disagrees with George Takei’s opinion that Sulu should not be gay in Star Trek Beyond.

* * *
How the Academy’s New Class Impacts Asian Representation in Hollywood: Two producers weigh in on recent Oscar events, new AMPAS members, and the future of diversity and inclusion in Hollywood.

* * *
How one man repopulated a rare butterfly species in his backyard: Tim Wong is an aquatic biologist at the California Academy of Sciences. But in his spare time, he’s dedicated himself to repopulating the California pipevine swallowtail butterfly — in his own backyard.

* * *
Nets’ Jeremy Lin ‘not shying away’ from role as starting PG, leader: Jeremy Lin says he signed a three-year, $36 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets in free agency because he was given an opportunity that has been rare during his six-year NBA career: to quarterback a team as the starting point guard.



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