Jennifer Murphy doubles down with a crappier, even more racist version of the “Neenja” song

Oh, it gets much worse.

At the risk of giving this person yet more attention… she's back. Jennifer Murphy doesn't appear to be interested in putting this whole "Neenja" fiasco to rest. Instead, she's doubled down and decided to dig herself a deeper hole with her latest video, an even shittier, even longer version of this racist tune.

It's the remix!

Spliced together with the live footage from the "Pink Carpet Launch Party" that set this whole thing off, the new video boasts "never before seen foootage," filling in some of the backstory of the "Neenja" song — as if context could help this situation — and unfurling the song's narrative around the now-infamous "Chow." It's basically an Asian guy doing a fairly awful impression of Ken Jeong's character from The Hangover movies.

That's barely even the worst of it.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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