Angry Asian American Parenting Guide

Guest Post by Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang and her four children at their favorite place for steamed buns and bibimbop, Eastern Accents bakery (Photo Credit: Mark Bialek)
When my oldest child was about 10 years old, I wrote an Asian American parenting book, because I knew everything and had four perfect children. Unfortunately, I did not publish that book then, because my children soon became teenagers, and suddenly I knew nothing and did everything wrong. Now, with two children off to college, one child with a perfect ACT score, and one more who is very tall, I am finally starting to get my confidence back.

So when I see younger Asian American friends struggle through the many challenges of raising Asian American babies, well, I just LOL.

Here are some of my best unsolicited Angry Asian American parenting tips for raising strong, proud, and ANGRY Asian American children.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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