Growing Up the Child of Immigrants

Guest Post by Melissa Hung

1. You didn't have an allowance.

2. Your parents didn't understand that school was not only about making As on your report card. It was also about making friends.

3. The sandwiches (always made with shredded meats because your mother was suspicious of cold cuts) that you took to school for lunch belied the steamed whole fish and rice you ate at home — that fish alive and swimming in a tank just a few hours ago, before your father pointed to it.

4. On rare family outings to McDonald's you were never allowed to order your own meal. Your mother calculated that the most efficient use of money was through a certain combination of value meals and individual sandwiches. Drinks and fries from the value meals were for sharing. Everything in the family was for sharing.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

I love to spend my time online and on some outdoor activities that I like. I spend my weekends by going out with my friends and family. I also love to travel around the world if there a window for monetary budget. I have been into some exciting places and I am surprised to new things I saw.

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