What to expect from seeing a lawyer

When do I need a lawyer?

The first thing you need from a lawyer is a plan about how your legal problem is going to be solved and some idea of what the outcome is likely to be.  If it is a case involving money, how much money would you expect to receive?

How long will my case take?

It does depend of why you have come to see me.  When you have come to see a lawyer for the first time that is the second question you should be asking them.  How long will this case take?

How much will it cost?

That is the third important question.  You need to have a very good idea of the amount of legal fees, court cost and other witness fees.

If I win, who pays?

That is the fourth most important question, not only how much will it cost, but how will we go about paying for it?  Will it be a no win, no fee case?  Will you be required to provide some funds upfront?  Or will you receive regular bills on a monthly basis?  You also need to know, if the matter goes to court and you win, how much of my fees will the other party have to pay?

What is the importance of having a good relationship with a lawyer?

It is very much about having a good partnership and having a good understanding.  If you go to see a lawyer for the first time and they can’t answer these questions we’ve been through – don’t hire them.



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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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