This Old Headline Reminds Us That Some Things Change… and Some Things Don’t.

"This boy was born here and has every right of an American citizen."

There's nothing like a 75-year-old newspaper headline to remind you that some things, unfortunately, do not change. This front page Seattle Times story from April 24, 1942 reports on a man who was charged and found guilty of dragging a Junior Safety Patrol member from a school crossing because the boy was Japanese.

11-year-old Roy Tsuboi, a member of the Junior Safety Patrol, was on duty when 67-year-old Karl R. Paykull reportedly grabbed him, dragged him down the street and forced him into a car in an attempt to take him to police headquarters. With the United States currently at war with Japan, this guy apparently thought a Japanese American kid shouldn't be allowed to, um, help people safely cross the street.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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