Chinese restaurant workers chase off knife-wielding robber

This fool brought a knife to a soup ladle fight.

This guy messed with the wrong takeout joint. Earlier this month in Brooklyn, workers at a Chinese restaurant chased off a knife-wielding man who police say is wanted in connection with a robbery spree.

Police: Masked Robber Wielding Large Knife Targets Brooklyn Businesses

On January 4, a hooded masked man walked into Chen's Garden in East New York and pulled out a large knife from his waistband, demanding money from the restaurant's employees.

Surveillance video shows the would-be robber hopping on to the counter. That's when the workers fought back, picking up and swinging anything in arm's reach — including a soup ladle and a stool. Everybody knows that a mere knife is no match for a Chinese guy with a soup ladle.

No doubt freaked out by the unexpected display of not-taking-your-shit and get-the-hell-out-of-here, the suspect fled the restaurant empty handed. Sometimes, you know you've already lost.

The entire 30-second incident was caught on camera:

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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