I can’t believe I’m responding to another pro-Japanese Incarceration piece.

Guest Post by Joseph Shoji Lachman

Japanese Americans were moved "discretely" into horse stables.
This is a response to "Was the relocation of West Coast Japanese racist?", which appeared in the Tri-City Herald on January 29, 2017.

Today, January 30th, is the celebration of the birthday of Fred Korematsu, one of the bravest men of his time, who stood up to the U.S. government, and challenged the constitutionality of the Japanese Incarceration, where around 120,000 people of Japanese descent, 2/3 being American citizens, and the majority being women of children, and all of whom were innocent of any crimes of espionage, were stripped of their civil rights and human dignity, and forced into concentration camps for 4 years, resulting in the loss of many of their homes, livelihoods, and many of their possessions they could not take with them.

Today is a day to reflect on this history, and remind ourselves of why we should be careful not to repeat it. That said, why on earth is the Tri-City Herald publishing an article attempting to defend the Japanese Internment and say that it had nothing to do with racism?

I'm trying to get this written as quickly, but as accurately as possible, so I will pick out the major statements I take issue with.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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