Oakland’s Chinese Garden Park vandalized with hate graffiti


What is it with racist vandals who can't leave a clean surface alone? Congratulations, asshole. It's like you took a public shit with a Sharpie pen. This particular idiotic little act of handwritten hate was spotted over the weekend at Chinese Garden Park in Oakland's Chinatown. As you can see, someone scrawled the words "CHINAMAN" "CANTON" "INDIANS" "BITCH" and "CHINK" on the park sign. I guess the author is suggesting "Chinaman" as a replacement for "Chinese." And the rest are… alternatives?

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

I love to spend my time online and on some outdoor activities that I like. I spend my weekends by going out with my friends and family. I also love to travel around the world if there a window for monetary budget. I have been into some exciting places and I am surprised to new things I saw.

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