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Is a Disappointing Ghost in the Shell the Nail in the Coffin of Hollywood Whitewashing? The anemic box office of Hollywood’s live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell is only the latest financial fallout of Asian erasure. Isn’t enough enough?

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Scarlett Johansson and the perils of white feminism: By starring in Ghost in the Shell, Scarlett Johansson shows that her intersectional feminism stops at her bottom line.

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An incomplete list of Hollywood’s favorite excuses for whitewashing and why they’re nonsense: “Actually, this is a diverse cast.” “This is a universal story.” While the films Hollywood whitewashes change, the excuses remain the same.

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‘Miss Saigon’ May Want to Re-Think Its Merchandising: Diep Tran, an editor of American Theatre Magazine, went to see the Broadway revival of Miss Saigon and noticed one of the t-shirts being sold in the lobby, prominently featured Ho Chi Minh. It doesn’t take a history scholar to understand why this would be a problem and so alarming, especially for Vietnamese people seeing the show.

* * *
Trump Is Scaring Indian Americans Into Finding Their Political Voice: Highly educated immigrants from South Asia have often been able to live comfortably in America. With a new wave of hate crimes, that’s changing.

* * *
When Your Commute Includes Hearing ‘You Don’t Belong in This Country’: Islamophobic and anti-immigrant harassment is on the rise — nearly double the usual number — on the subway.

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For Centuries, These Asian Recipes Have Helped New Moms Recover From Childbirth: An upcoming new book, collected from the traditions of six Asian ethnicities, is being called one of the most comprehensive English language cookbooks featuring traditional Asian foods for new mothers.

* * *
Visiting McDonald’s With My Grandmother: Christine Ro remembers trips to McDonald’s with her late grandmother, who emigrated to the United States post-divorce.

* * *
Chinese-American AG Suing Trump Shares Personal Stories Of Being Stereotyped: Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin is leading the charge to fight against Trump’s controversial travel ban against Muslims and people from Middle Eastern countries.

* * *
Ted Lieu is out-tweeting Trump, and it’s making him a political star: Rep. Ted Lieu is a second-term California Democrat who has made it his personal mission to tirelessly troll President Trump on Twitter.

* * *
Space and Silence: An Interview with Yumi Sakugawa: As part of Pelican Bomb’s series exploring issues of wellness and healing, Ryan Lee Wong talks to Los Angeles-based illustrator Yumi Sakugawa about her new book promoting healthy habits and her strategies for self-care.

* * *
Ali Wong Loves Kondo-ing So Much, She Named Her Daughter After It: Yes, really, Ali Wong named her daughter after Marie Kondo. Here, the comedian talks about how her life has changed after her Netflix special, Baby Cobra, launched her into being recognized everywhere, especially at Costco.

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