What to do if you suspect your child is being bullied at school

Having your child bullied at school is something no parent wants to see their child go through. Unfortunately, bullying is a prominent issue in schools. In some circumstances, bullying behaviour which results in physical injury or psychological trauma may give rise to a claim against the school for negligence.

Here are some simple steps you can take if you are aware, or suspect, your child is being bullied at school and are not satisfied with the school’s response.

  1. Notify the school of the bullying behaviour.
  2. In the first instance if you are aware your child is being bullied, arrange a meeting with your child’s home group teacher/supervisor or the school’s principal to discuss the bullying behaviour.
  3. If your child is able and willing to identify the bully, bring this to the staff’s attention but ask them to discreetly deal with this information to avoid further conflict and distress.
  4. If this is the first bullying allegation and the bullying behaviour is not too serious, it may be helpful to suggest a meeting with the parents of the children involved to discuss the bullying behaviours under the supervision of a staff member of the school. Remember, the bully’s parents may not be aware of their child’s behaviour.
  5. Document your child’s complaints and the details about the alleged bullying behaviour, along with the date the bullying commenced.
  6. Keep a record of the date the school was first notified of the bullying behaviour.
  7. Review your child’s schools bullying policy and procedures. If you do not have a copy, request one from your child’s school, they are obligated to provide a copy to parents and guardians.

Lastly, remember difficult situations can arise for children throughout their school years and these situations do not automatically give rise to a cause of action against the school. However, if the bullying behaviour persists and your child is suffering psychological trauma or physical injury, and you are not satisfied with your the schools response to the bullying allegations, seek advice from a legal professional.

For legal advice about bullying claims and/or injury claims against educational institutions, please contact Duncan Basheer Hannon on 1800 324 324, or send us a message to arrange a no obligation first interview.


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