Philadelphia Councilman David Oh stabbed in robbery

57-year-old councilman stabbed with a knife, expected to make a full recovery.

Philadelphia councilman at-large David Oh was hospitalized after he was stabbed outside his home during an attempted robbery on Wednesday night. Thankfully, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Philly Councilman at-Large David Oh Recovering After Stabbing

Oh was returning home from work, unloading his car when a man approached him and demanded his keys.

"[David Oh] gets out of his car, he's taking his bags out of his car and other things. He gets approached by a black male in his 20s and the male is saying something to him, he can't understand what he's saying," said Lt. John Walker, with the Philadelphia Police Department.

According to police, Oh tried to engage in conversation with the man. That's when the man pulled out a knife, stabbed the councilman once in the left side, then fled the scene.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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