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David Bouhadana Has a Problem, and We Need to Talk About It: New York sushi chef David Bouhadana, who is white, is known to regularly speak with a faux Japanese accent during service. You know, like “dericious.”

* * *
One Man Called Another a Racial Slur. Then They Shook Hands. On a jog through a Manhattan park, Simran Jeet Singh, who is Sikh, once again found himself the recipient of racial hate. This time, though, he decided to respond — to surprising results.

* * *
Kamau Bell: Chinatown is as American as fireworks: In the latest episode of CNN’s United Shades of America, host W. Kamau Bell visits one of America’s “most fundamentally American places.” Chinatown!

* * *
It’s the end of an era: Channel 18 cancels international format that served generations of L.A. immigrants: In its height, Los Angeles’s Channel 18 offered content in 14 Asian languages and served as a hub for immigrants who wanted programming made for them. Now it is coming to an end — Channel 18 will now broadcast English infomercials.

* * *
This Filipino Dish Is So Good It Might Make You Sing: As a young girl in the Philippines, Wilma Consul had to step into the kitchen early after her father’s death. For this edition of NPR’s video series Hot Pot, Consul cooks picadillo, a comfort dish from her childhood.

* * *
The Defiant Sound of Asian American Women in Indie Rock: Artists like Jay Som, Japanese Breakfast, and Mitski are at the forefront of indie rock, creating space for Asian American women.

* * *
Get That Life: How I Became the First Woman to Edit ESPN The Magazine: Alison Overholt went from reading magazines in her cubicle to running one, as editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine.

* * *
Why People Are Upset Over Jackie Chan’s Role In “The Foreigner”: Although Jackie Chan is a beloved action hero among Asian Americans, some are slamming his upcoming film’s erasure of Vietnamese people.

* * *
Did You Catch the Translation Joke in Okja?: Bong Joon-ho’s Okja is full of excellent jokes. There’s one joke in particular that you might catch if you understand both English and Korean.

* * *
Steven Yeun’s Five Favorite Films: The Walking Dead and Okja star talks about Frank Darabont’s “magic window,” filming in South Korea, and what made Glenn such a relatable character.

* * *
Life with Ellen Wong: Toronto’s kick-ass actor on her new, female-filled show ‘GLOW’, and not playing a type: When Ellen Wong auditioned for GLOW, the Netflix series about a women’s wrestling team set in the 80s, she had never even watched a wrestling match. But… she does have a black belt in taekwondo.

* * *
Remember Rufio in ‘Hook’? The actor is trying to keep his cult character’s legacy alive. Over 30 years ago, Dante Basco played Rufio in Steven Spielberg’s Hook, a cult character whose legacy he’s trying to keep alive. He produced a new crowd-funded film called Bangarang, a short film about Rufio’s origin story.

* * *
“Bajillion Dollar Properties” Creator Kulap Vilaysack Wants To Be the Asian Shonda Rhimes: “I want to be a bad ass boss who creates expansive worlds filled with diverse characters and complicated leading women.”

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