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A White Person Wrote ‘Why Anyone Can Be Chinese,’ And It’s A Checklist In Privilege: A white scholar’s recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal suggests he might need some lessons on his own privilege.

* * *
A Case of Mistaken Identity Spurs Hateful Messages for a Sikh Professor: Campus Reform incorrectly identified Simran Jeet Singh, a Sikh professor of religion at Trinity U. in San Antonio, as the man in a photo raising both middle fingers in front of Trump Tower. It was his brother.

* * *
Here’s How NOT to Apologize After Being Racist on the Internet: “Look, I know that Asian beauty is so mysterious and exotic and special because people literally like to tell me that shit to my face as if I wasn’t aware that I was Asian. But it is goddamn 2017 and y’all need to cut it out with this racist exoticism bullshit.”

* * *
For Vietnamese Community, Tommy Le’s Death Could Create a ‘New Paradigm’ of Activism: The killing of Tommy Le by a King County Sheriff’s Deputy has left Seattle’s Vietnamese community grappling with how best to communicate their concerns about the case.

* * *
Magic Can Be Normal: “Why seek out examples of representation in art and culture for my kids as if their lives and identities depend on it? Because I’m convinced they might.” Nicole Chung on political parenting, representation, and finding magic.”

* * *
Kenzo Designer Humberto Leon Pens an Open Letter About Identity Politics: In this op-ed, Humberto Leon — co-founder of Opening Ceremony and co-creative director of Kenzo — shares his experience as a gay man and first generation Asian American in Donald Trump’s America.

* * *
Why Whites and Asians Have Different Views on Personal Success: A new study explores why the latter are far more likely to opt for an elite college where they’d struggle than a so-so one where they’d excel.

* * *
Law schools are filled with Asian Americans. So why aren’t there more Asian judges? Asians are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S. but underrepresented in the leadership of the legal profession.

* * *
What to say when you’re Asian American and someone calls you ‘exotic’: Calling someone “exotic” is racism thiny veiled as a compliment. What is the harm, and how can you respond?

* * *
Asian American Voices in Response to Madame Butterfly: Seattle Opera recently hosted a panel discussion inviting Asian arts leaders to respond to Madame Butterfly.

* * *
This photo book addresses the fetishisation of Asian women: Using mimicry to subvert the stereotypes imposed on Asian women and their bodies, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee’s photo book project XING enlists a roster of photographers to explore identity and ‘Othering.’

* * *
The Poet Bao Phi, On Creating A ‘Guidebook’ For Young Asian-Americans: Bao Phi hopes his poetry book Thousand Star Hotel and his children’s book A Different Pond can fill the hole in Asian-American literature that he saw when he was a kid.

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