Heavier Asian Americans are seen as “More American”

A new study says heavier Asian Americans are more likely to be perceived as "American."

A new study has found that for Asian Americans, those who appear heavier not only are perceived to be more "American," but also may be subject to less prejudice directed at foreigners than Asian Americans who are thin.

Wait, what?

According to a new study at the University of Washington, published last week Psychological Science, heavier Asian Americans are more likely to be perceived as "American" than those of a thinner weight.

How the hell does that even compute? The perception apparently relates to common stereotypes that Asians are thin and Americans are heavy. Thus, heavy Asians appear to be more "American."

The researchers also found that overweight Asian American men were less likely than those of a normal weight to be viewed as being in the country illegally. Skinny Asians, your citizenship status is questionable.

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Author: Marcus M. Wise

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