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If Asian Voter Turnout in the Midterm Elections Is Strong, Everything Could Change
“In an election year when we’re constantly being reminded of the importance of voting, Asian-Americans have the chance to fulfill our potential as a ‘sleeping political giant.’ With our booming population and growing presence in strategic battleground states like Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina, we stand to make a critical difference across the electoral board.”

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Birthright citizenship: A Trump-inspired history lesson on the 14th Amendment
Meet Wong Kim Ark, the Chinese American cook who was at the center of a landmark but often forgotten Supreme Court decision.

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I’m An Asian-American Harvard Student — Here’s Why I Testified In Support Of Affirmative Action
Sally Chen, a Harvard senior and student representative in the Harvard affirmative action case, explains why she supports a race-conscious admissions policy.

* * *
The false narrative driving the Harvard affirmative action case
“In suggesting that the admit rate for Asian Americans applying to Harvard would increase with the end of affirmative action, Blum is selling a narrative to Asian Americans that is shockingly similar to the one sold by President Trump to white Americans feeling the pinch of their (perceived) declining status.”

* * *

His wedding date canceled. So he found a new one on Reddit.

Four days before his friend’s brother’s wedding, Minsoo’s plus-one bailed on him. So he put a call out on Reddit.

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Why LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN still matters: Romance, culture and soft power
Valerie Soe’s documentary Love Boat: Taiwan investigates the ways in which the “Love Boat,” the iconic summer cultural program for young Taiwanese Americans, uses soft power to gain support for Taiwan.

* * *
The Joy Luck Club
You don’t see many Asian leads in Western cinema, that’s why The Joy Luck Club‘s all-Asian cast was so radical. Its portrayal of complicated mother-daughter relationships and the immigrant experience spoke to Amy Choi as a child — and again as a mother.

* * *
How Kavi Vu and Phi Nguyen use Facebook to get Asian American Atlantans engaged in politics
The duo launched their web series last year. With support from the Center for Civic Innovation and others, they’re working to increase Asian American voter turnout and keep the community informed.

* * *
Why You Should Be Watching Maangchi, the Korean Cooking YouTube Star
Meet Maangchi. This relentlessly cheerful cook, author and internet personaity is a go-to guide for many looking for a non-intimidating approach to their favorite Korean recipes.

* * *
Christina Hodson is shaping Hollywood’s blockbuster future — and centering female stories
Bumblebee and Birds of Prey screenwriter Christina Hodson grew up devouring Hollywood blockbusters. Now she’s writing them.

* * *
How Cathy Yan Landed The ‘Birds Of Prey’ Directing Gig: U.S.-China Entertainment Summit
Cathy Yan talks about her upcoming big studio directorial, Warner Bros./DC’s Birds of Prey.

* * *
When Jason Mendoza Turned Up at a Jaguars Game
Manny Jacinto, star of NBC’s The Good Place, opens up about race, football, and Better Luck Tomorrow.

* * *
There’s a secret about Burning that only Steven Yeun knows
Steven Yeun on his approach to creating his fascinating character in Burning, as well as his own experience moving between different mediums, cultures, and languages as an actor and Korean American.

* * *
Not My Job: We Quiz ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Writer Kevin Kwan On Crazy Itch Reasons
NPR’s Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! invited Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan to play a game called “Crazy Rich Asians, meet crazy itch reasons” — three questions about strange things that might make you itch.

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