Remembering Uncle Bob

Guest Post by Karen L. Ishizuka

A traditional Filipino appellation of respect, anyone older than you is called auntie or uncle. But beyond protocol, Uncle Bob Santos was truly everyone's favorite Uncle Bob, Filipino or not. Greeted by a jaunty "Hey Kiddo!," whenever you saw him, you knew you could always count on him for lunch money, to bring 200 people to a demonstration or to keep a community from becoming gentrified.

He was called "the Asian American community's elder statesman and enduring rabble-rouser,"i "an advisor, mentor, confidante, and drinking buddy for a generation of our community's Jedi Knights,"ii and "a hero in an urban hamlet called the International District"iii. And this was while he was still alive and raising hell. Now hailed as one of Seattle's greatest civil rights and social justice champions whose accomplishments you can read about in HistoryLink, his autobiography Hum Bows, Not Hot Dogs!: Memoirs of a Savvy Asian-American Activist (International Examiner Press, 2002), Gang of Four: Four Leaders, Four Communities, One Friendship (Chin Music Press, 2015), and the multitude of tributes by the many organizations he was a part of, the following remembrance is not so much on the importance of his achievements as the magnitude of his character.

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Phillips Family Law Newsletter September 2016

September 2016 with Phillips Family Law

Case in Point – No such thing as a negative contribution and the importance of documenting loans

Not now, not ever – more Domestic Violence reform

Phillips Family Law Welcomes New Paralegal

Special interest group LawAustralasia Conference 11 August to 12 August 2016

To read the full edition and download the Phillips Family Law September 2016 NewsletterClick Here

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Upset About Diversity in Hollywood? ‘Single By 30’ is a Step Towards a Promising Future.

Guest Post by Philip Wang

I'll admit upfront that this post is going to come off a bit self-serving considering I am one of the creator/directors of the show, but ultimately I hope you will see that it's less "tooting my own horn," and more trying to rally and unite the community behind new opportunities and perspectives!

Single By 30 is an eight-episode original show that comes out weekly on Wong Fu Productions YouTube channel through YouTube Red. It's a romantic dramedy starring Harry Shum Jr. and Kina Grannis. Here's why it's an important show that you might want to get behind.

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Phillips Family Law Welcomes New Associate Lawyer – Phillip Ridgway

Phillips Family Law are very excited to announce a new member to the team – Phillip Ridgway, who recently commenced working as an Associate in our team.


Phillip has been practising exclusively in the area of family law since he commenced his legal career. Whilst Phillip has broad experience in a variety of family law matters, his particular interests are in property settlements involving businesses and third party interests, binding financial agreements and complex parenting matters. Phillip joins our team after being employed by a specialist family law firm in Brisbane. Phillip is a very experienced lawyer in whom we have the greatest confidence. We look forward to him working in our team at Phillips Family Law.


You can contact Phillip on

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De Facto Breakdown: Your rights after a de facto relationship breakup

De facto relationships are now much the same as marriage when it comes to dividing property after the relationship breaks down.

After you have lived together for two years you are in a de facto relationship, you will need advice about what to do to protect your property and what you will be entitled to in your particular circumstances.


The length of your relationship is one important consideration but there are others.

If you have a child together then you can make a claim for a division of property even if you have not lived together for two years.

Also, if one of you made a large contribution to the assets, or you own property together, then you will have rights to property even though you have not lived together for two years.


Couples who do not live together full time may still be in a de facto relationship, particularly if they share or mix their finances. 

If you are unsure then be safe and get advice as to whether your relationship will be defined as a de facto relationship.

The division of property for de facto couples comes under the Family Law Act 1975.  There is no discrimination against same sex couples in regard to the division of property and the provisions for de facto couples will also apply to same sex couples.


You will need to know the value of all assets, liabilities and superannuation in your individual and your joint names.

There may be property held by businesses, companies or trusts that will need to be valued.

Find out what your partner earns including all benefits and employment entitlements.


Keep your most precious items safe, even if you don’t know who is keeping what.

If you have children, think about how much time they will spend with you and how this will affect your ability to earn and accumulate savings and superannuation in the future. This will affect the amount of property you should retain.

It essential that when you separate you get advice before making decisions about your property so that you know what you are entitled to and that you are set up for your future in the best way possible.


If you are currently going through a de facto relationship breakdown and need advice, contact the DBH Family Law team today on 1800 324 324 or via our contact page.


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Gene Wilder: Actor, Comic Genius, and Lover

Guest Post by David Henry Hwang

It is generally known that the lead roles in the play for which I'm best known, M. Butterfly, were originated by two amazing actors, John Lithgow and B.D. Wong. They blessed my work with their iconic performances on Broadway in 1988. However, my play might have had quite a different trajectory. Originally cast in the Lithgow role was another legendary actor, whose death was announced earlier today: Gene Wilder.

Best known for his immortal comic turns in movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Young Frankenstein, The Producers and Blazing Saddles, Gene was originally offered the role of Rene Gallimard, the French diplomat who carries on a 20 year affair with a Chinese actress, who he later discovers to be a man. Gene had started in theatre, but hadn't appeared on Broadway since the early-1960s, after which he'd become a movie star. Yet this part apparently intrigued him enough that he agreed to take it on.

Gene had some reservations about the script, though, so my producer Stuart Ostrow and I were privileged to enjoy several meetings with him at his home in Los Angeles. Always kind and generous, meticulous and probing, with a keen intelligence, he struggled with the fact that Gallimard serves both as my play's narrator, and one of its two major characters. "I don't know how to be 'Gallimard' and the 'Stage Manager' at the same time," he would declare, referencing the narrator character in Thorton Wilder's classic Our Town. We went back and forth debating, while all the time, a little voice in the back of my head was going, "This is so cool! I'm talking about my play with 'Dr. Fronkensteen!'"

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Randall Park Interviews Ali Wong

Guest Post by Randall Park

Ali Wong is an amazing stand up comedian, actress and a writer on our beloved sitcom Fresh Off The Boat.

She is also one of my dearest friends. I’ve known Ali since her days as a cast member of Lapu The Coyote That Cares Theater, the UCLA Asian American theater company that I co-founded many years ago. Ali and I performed sketch and improv together in seedy restaurants to audiences that can be counted on one hand. I’ve seen her go from a fellow budding (and incredibly hard working) stand-up comedian to a brilliant (and still incredibly hard working) comedy superstar with her recent Netflix special Baby Cobra.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Baby Cobra, I suggest you turn off your computer right now, turn it back on, go to Netflix and watch it IMMEDIATELY. It is, in my opinion, a comedy classic. Right up there with all the greats.

Having known Ali for all these years, I have unique access to the mind of a master at her craft. Unlike the average journalist, I can ask her the deep, personal questions that reveal the true darkness behind the laughter, the tears of a clown, if you will. So with that, here is my in depth, at times uncomfortable, interview with my friend, the great comedian Ali Wong.

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