These kids made flyers to protest “Dr. Seuss Week” at school

Rockett, 11, and Zoe, 10, just wanted their classmates to know that Dr. Seuss was kind of racist.

Meet Rockett and Zoe, the wokest kids in class. Their elementary school is currently celebrating "Dr. Seuss Week" as a part of National Read Across America Day, which coincides with the popular children's book author's birthday on March 2. But, as many may be unaware, Dr. Seuss was kind of racist. So these super-conscious siblings decided to help their classmates get more aware.

While Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Geisel, is best known for enduring, beloved books like The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, he began his career as an illustrator and cartoonist who drew racist political cartoons expressing, among other things, vehement anti-Japanese sentiment. Geisel apparently had absolutely no problem with the incarceration of innocent Japanese Americans during World War II, depicting them in caricature as invading hordes and latent traitors loyal to the enemy.

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Andrew Ahn gave an acceptance speech for all of us

'Spa Night' wins the John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Forget the Academy Awards. The best acceptance speech of the weekend happened at the 32nd Independent Spirit Awards, courtesy of writer/director Andrew Ahn. His acclaimed coming-of-age drama Spa Night won the John Cassavetes Award, which is presented to a film budgeted at less than $500,000.

Stepping up to the mic, Andrew nervously admitted, "I'm gonna barf," then offered some heartfelt thanks for honoring his film about a Korean American immigrant family and queer Korean American people. He also stressed the importance of telling stories by underrepresented voices.

"Now, more than ever, it's important that we support stories told by and about communities that are marginalized; that we tell stories about immigrants, Muslims, women, people of color, trans and queer folk," Andrew said. "Film is such a power tool in humanizing these communities so that we can't be pushed aside and labeled as "other." We are a part of this great country and we are undeniable."

Here's the full video of his speech:

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7 Issues to Consider When Purchasing a Franchise Business

While buying a franchise can be a quick way to establish yourself in a small business, there are certain issues which tend to surface in franchise arrangements.

Prospective purchasers should be particularly wary of the following matters:


  1. Financial Commitment – while certain fees will be obvious (e.g. the upfront franchise fee), it is often the ongoing obligations that bring franchisees unstuck. Costs such as royalties, marketing levies, equipment fees, stock, rent and refurbishment obligations can present a significant issue for cash flow, particularly for new franchise owners. An accountant experienced with small business operations is often invaluable.


  1. The Term – by purchasing a franchise business, you are purchasing a licence to use the franchisor’s system for a limited period. Franchisees need to plan for what happens when the franchise agreement expires, particularly after any renewal rights have been exhausted.


  1. Shopping Centres – retail franchisees can find their lease terms with shopping centres becoming difficult to meet over time. Rent reviews, refit obligations, new lease negotiations and even relocation can cause major issues for a franchisee’s viability.


  1. Performance of Franchisees – the Disclosure Document will normally contain contact details for other franchisees including ex-franchisees for the last 3 years. This gives you an opportunity to confirm what you are being told by the franchisor, and to discover any issues you might not have known.


  1. Franchisor Control – franchise agreements impose varying levels of control including the use of certain products, suppliers, advertising mediums and content. A good question to ask is if the franchise allows room for innovation, which may better suit the local market.


  1. Exit Strategy – it is possible that you may wish to leave the system prior to the expiry of the franchise term. What are the conditions for selling the franchise business and what happens if a buyer cannot be found? Does the franchise agreement give you the ability to terminate and, if so, what are the conditions? Are you likely to be restrained from working in any way after the franchise has come to an end?


  1. Personal Guarantees – the majority of franchise agreements contain guarantee obligations, which make the guarantor(s) personally liable for the franchisee’s obligations. While franchisors will typically be unwilling to remove guarantor provisions, some may agree to cap liability or limit the guarantee to a specific person.


If you have any questions about purchasing a franchise business, or any other queries about franchising, we welcome you to contact Duncan Basheer Hannon via our online form, or free call 1800 324 324.


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It wouldn’t be the Oscars without a racist moment

Host Jimmy Kimmel is apparently uncomfortable with names like "Yulree" and "Mahershala."

In keeping with tradition, I guess it wouldn't be the Oscars without a racist moment from the host.

While everybody's understandably obsessed with that wild Best Picture mistake that capped the 89th Academy Awards, I'd like to point your attention to another moment in the middle of Sunday night's show, that perfectly illustrated why host Jimmy Kimmel is still kind of an ass when it comes to joking about people of color.

During one bit, the late night personality welcomed a group of unsuspecting tourists who found themselves smack into the middle of Oscar proceedings. Imagine being on one of those sightseeing bus tours, thinking you're going to see some dusty Oscar exhibit, then being led to the front row of Hollywood's biggest night.

It was a silly, fun moment that was, or course, marred by Kimmel's casual racism.

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Angry Reader of the Week: Tung Nguyen

"Ultimately, who I am does not matter — it is what I do that matters."

Hey, everybody! You know what time it is. It's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Tung Nguyen.

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Kansas man charged with murder in hate crime shooting

Witnesses say Adam Purinton yelled "Get out of my country" before shooting two Indian men.

32-year-old Srinivas Kuchibhotla was fatally shot at Austins Bar & Grill.
In case you forgot, this is the America where two guys in a bar can get shot just for being brown.

In Kansas, a man has been charged with murder after he approached two men he believed to be "Middle Eastern" at a bar, shouted racial slurs at them and told them to "get out of my country" before he shot them.

First-degree murder charge filed in possible hate crime shooting at Austins bar in Olathe

51-year-old Adam W. Purinton is charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Srinivas Kuchibhotla at Austins Bar & Grill in Olathe on Wednesday night. Witnesses say they heard Purinton yell "get out of my country" before shooting Kuchibhotla and 32-year-old Alok Madasani — both originally from India. Another bar patron, 24-year-old Ian Grillot, was shot when he tried to intervene.

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