Woman sues police for roughing her up in church parking lot

62-year-old Ok Jin Jun is suing the LAPD, the city of Los Angeles and two police officers.

In Los Angeles, a 62-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against police officers who she says roughed her up during an early morning encounter last month in a Koreatown church parking lot.

Woman, 62, Sues LAPD For Allegedly Roughing Her Up In Church Parking Lot

Ok Jin Jun is suing the Los Angeles Police Department, the city of Los Angeles and two police officers.

The altercation was captured on surveillance video. Footage shows an LAPD SUV following Mrs. Jun's car as she pulled into her church's parking lot for early morning prayer service on April 14. Mrs. Jun says the officers followed her after she honked her horn at them because they were blocking the church driveway.

But this was not a traffic stop, and Mrs. Jun was not being pulled over.

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George Takei and John Cho want you to vote!

New video urges AANHPI community to vote in this important election year.

George Takei and John Cho want you to vote! Just in time to close out AAPI Heritage Month, the two Sulus have come together for a new video PSA from Asian Americans Advancing Justice and APIAVote urging Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (AANHPIs) to go vote in this important election year.

The video also features the likes of Constance Wu, Vincent Rodriguez III, Sonal Shah and Joey "Q" Quenga, and highlights both the historic injustices that AANHPIs have faced in the United States, as well as the some of the many contributions our communities have made to this country.

Check it out:

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Awkwafina x Margaret Cho: “Green Tea”

Rapper and comedian collaborate for a NSFW anthem in celebration of womanhood and AAPI Heritage Month.

Hold up. May ain't done yet. Margaret Cho and Awkwafina have got something fierce for your ass in celebration of womanhood and AAPI Heritage Month. The veteran comedian and new-school rapper have joined forces to drop this wicked fun, be-all-you-wanna-be, stereotype-flippin' rap track and music video, "Green Tea."

Check it out. NSFW, people:

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Man thwarted while trying drug and rape his dinner date

Michael Hsu was arrested after three watchful women caught him slipping something into his date's drink.

By now you may have seen the viral meme — DON'T ROOFIE SOMEONE ON OUR WATCH — about the trio of friends who thwarted a potential sexual assault when they saw a man attempt to drug his date's drink at a Southern California restaurant last week. The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Michael Hsu. Ugh.

Suspect ID'd in alleged date-drugging attempt detailed in viral meme

Sonia Ulrich, Marla Saltzer and Monica Kenyon were out for happy hour at the Fig restaurant in Santa Monica on Thursday when Kenyon noticed Hsu at another table acting strangely. After his date had excused herself, he appeared to be fumbling with her drink, then dropped something in the glass.

That's when the friends took action. One of them followed the woman into the bathroom to let her know what she and her friends had seen: her friend just tried to roofie her. Meanwhile, one of the other friends alerted the restaurant staff, who called the cops. Later, they found out that the restaurant's security footage had captured the incident and corroborated their suspicions. The would-be date rapist was busted.

Ulrich, Saltzer and Kenyon detailed the incident in a Facebook post that quickly went viral, proclaiming "GUESS WHO STOPPED A RAPE LAST NIGHT?! THESE GALS!"

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Transgender Rights and Discrimination in NSW

Just as it is illegal to discriminate based on a person’s sexual orientation or race, New South Wales law also prevents the mistreatment of transgender people. What is transgender? Anti-discrimination law in New South Wales states that those who live, have lived or want to live as a member of the opposite sex to which […]

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This new ‘Star Trek’ poster is legit #StarringJohnCho

New 'Star Trek Beyond' character banner features John Cho as Sulu.

Marketing for the new Star Trek movie is now upon us in full force. Here's one of the newly unveiled character posters for Star Trek Beyond, featuring the one and only John Cho as Hikaru Sulu. Make no mistake: this movie is legitimately #StarringJohnCho — no need to Photoshop his head into this poster.

Take a look:

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Arizona woman assaults students for speaking Mandarin

22-year-old Kalie Rutledge punched Xiaolin Shi for speaking Chinese on the light rail.

The hell? People apparently can't even speak Chinese in public in Arizona without the threat of violence. In Tempe, a woman was arrested for assaulting two students after she heard them speak Mandarin on the light rail.

Asian Couple assaulted in Tempe for speaking Mandarin on light rail, Kalie Rutledge arrested

Police say 22-year-old Kalie Rutledge was riding on the Metro Light Rail on May 20 when she heard Arizona State University student Xiaolin Shi speaking to a friend in Mandarin. She apparently took issue with this.

Rutledge reportedly told them, "I don't speak Chinese, shut the fuck up!" and "Bitch, go f—ing back to China."

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