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Chris Pine’s Star Trek Sketch Exposes an Ugly Truth About S.N.L.: Chris Pine hosted Saturday Night Live, so of course they did a Star Trek sketch. When it came to casting Hikaru Sulu, however, SNL ran into a bit of an obstacle. In fact, in its 42-year history, there has never been an official cast member on Saturday Night Live who could play Sulu.

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Meet American Girl’s first ever Korean American doll: Last week, popular doll brand American Girl debuted its newest Asian American doll, a Korean American filmmakers named Suzie “Z” Yang.

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As Chinese Exclusion Act Turns 135, Experts Point To Parallels Today: This year marks the 135th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act, which placed limits on Chinese immigration and barred citizenship rights for those already in the U.S. A group of Chinese American activists came together to remember the impact of this act, and also to draw parallels to immigration policies under Trump.

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How Much Are Students Learning About the Chinese Exclusion Act? It’s largely up to teachers. Many teachers outside of Ethnic Studies courses have to decide whether or not they have the time and resources to include the Chinese Exclusion Act in their social studies curriculum.

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Stanford Psychiatrists Take to the Stage: To address mental health struggles by Asian American youth in the area, Stanford psychiatrists staged vignettes to help families come together to discuss these issues.

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An Immigrant Love Story, Four Decades in the Making: Paolo Mardo reports the story of “Tess” and “Marco,” who are among the more than 300,000 undocumented Filipinos in the U.S.

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Hollywood casting directors say Asian movie stars are on their way …but breaking the bamboo ceiling will take more than visibility on screen.

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What happens to your cultural heritage when you marry someone of a different race? In this episode of “Other: Mixed Race in America,” Alex Laughlin chats with Amy Choi and Sulome Anderson about their families and the bridges they had to build to make them work.

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When a queer Filipina chef said she didn’t want to be featured on Ivanka Trump’s website, the reaction missed the point: Angela Dimayuga’s public rejection of Ivanka Trump’s request for a feature of the chef went viral, but the headlines didn’t capture the whole story.

* * *
Is the New Mr. Right an Immigrant Rom-Com Hero?: Kumail Nanjiani of HBO’s Silicon Valley breaks out with The Big Sick, a personal story that upends Hollywood’s traditional ideas about leading men.

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Author Jenny Han on Her Bestselling Trilogy’s New Book ‘Always and Forever, Lara Jean’: YA author Jenny Han talks about her writing process, the last book in her trilogy, and why it’s important that the star of these hugely popular young adult novels is Korean American.

* * *
The Real-Life Diet of Jeremy Lin: GQ offers a look at the daily diet of Nets guard Jeremy Lin, who, unfortunately, spent most of the season recovering from injury.

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